My top 5 podcasts

I’ve been listening to podcasts for about 2 years now and use them as a way of learning when commuting, travelling, doing chores or relaxing. When I find a podcast I love, I’m always keen to share it so, I thought I would put together my current top 5 for you in today’s post.


1. Food Psych

Food Psych is a podcast dedicated to helping its listeners find a better relationship with food whilst encouraging body acceptance and health at every size. In Food Pysch, Christy Harrison, a registered Dietician and Intuitive Eating Counsellor, talks with guests about their personal experiences with food. Food Psych works to challenge the diet culture, and encourages an intuitive approach to rebuilding a better relationship with food.   

What it’s great for: If you’ve ever had any issue with food or struggle with your self image then this podcast is a must! This podcast has definitely played a role in my own personal recovery.

New releases: Every Monday

Episodes worth checking out:

How to heal from food shame with Casey Burglund

How to make peace with food & feelings with Anita Johnston

How to share your anti-diet journey with Katie Dalebout

The truth about emotional eating with Isabel Foxen Duke

True fitness – Overcoming Ortherxia with Madelyn Moon


2. Ted Talks

Okay so I’m pretty sure most people know about Ted Talks but I’ve only actually started listening to them through the Podcast app recently (beforehand I only watched them through YouTube). TED is a non-profit organisation created to help spread ideas, and nowadays, you can find 100s of short, powerful talks from experts around the world. Every talk is different, every expert has a unique take on their subject and every time I come away from a podcast I feel like I’ve gained that bit more knowledge or understanding into something new.

What it’s great for: If you want to learn something, get a better insight into a chosen topic or get a different perspective on a subject. I usually just scroll through until a title stands out to me and give it a whirl!

New releases: Every day

Episodes worth checking out:

How to design a library that makes kids want to read – Michael Bierut

Why school should start later for teens – Wendy Troxel

The future we’re building and boring – Elon Musk

To raise brave girls, encourage adventure – Caroline Paul

Addiction is a disease. We should treat it like one – Michael Botticelli

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness – Michele L. Sullivan


3. Don’t Salt My Game

This is a nutrition focused podcast which doesn’t shy away from other important topics such as mental health, intuitive training and the impact of social media. Laura interviews professionals in a fun and frank way to debate current trends and issues, often extracting on the interviewees professional and personal experiences. 

What it’s great for: A no BS approach to nutrition. Laura takes a science based view which helps to determine fact from fiction. I’ve often come away from an episode having learnt something new!

New releases: Once a week

Episodes worth checking out:

The anxiety solution with Chloe Brotheridge

Coconut oil is not for hummus & other weird things that make us mad with Pixie Turner

Nutritional science is the new wellness with Rosie & Helen from The Rooted Project

Loving your body and being kind to yourself this holiday season with Jacqueline Hurst

Nerding on Nutrition with McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped


4. Chasing Joy

Out of my top 5, Georgie’s podcast Chasing Joy is my newest find. Every episode she delves into topics surrounding wellness and interviews professionals including counsellors, entrepreneurs, personal trainers and food bloggers to get their take on what being healthy really means today.

What it’s great for: Motivating and inspiring talks with real people to get you thinking about how to take a more balanced approach to your health. The podcast also frequently delves into what it’s like to run a health and wellness business and how to build a positive community, which is extremely helpful for those who want to grow their own online business.

New releases: Every Tuesday!

Episodes worth checking out:

Being your own boss, rising stronger after a fall & the business of blogging with Rachel Mansfield

The challenges of staying present with a busy schedule (and mind) with Catherine Beard

A positive and intuitive approach to fitness with Les Alfred

An elevated approach to nutrition and why your mental health matters with Lauren Rice


5. S-Town

S-Town was released in March this year and is produced by This American Life, the people who created Serial (If you haven’t listening to Serial, then I’d really recommend you go check that out asap!). I’m a little unsure as to how to explain S-Town without giving it all away, but in summary, it’s the true story of one man living in Alabama, who e-mails This American Life asking them to investigate a murder in his home town. It’s not long before the investigation takes an unexpected turn and you’re led through a different kind of story that will no doubt stay with you for a long time.

What it’s great for: I feel like everyone who listens to this podcast goes through an emotional journey. One guy from work said he sat on a park bench with his baby and cried after the last episode! If you’re looking for something gripping, engaging and insightful then go download this podcast!

New releases: All episodes (chapters) are released.

Episodes worth checking out:

All of them! Chapter 1-7 are available to download via the Podcast app. 


I’m always looking out for new podcasts to listen to so, if you have any recommendations (particularly if they’re surrounding health and wellness subjects), please leave a comment or direct message me on my social channels!

I hope you enjoy my suggestions 🙂

S/Joy x


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