10 TED talks that will change the way you think

One of the best things you can do if you’re stuck in a rut and want to establish some change, is to get a nice healthy does of inspiration. This can come in many forms but one of the ways I’ve supported my growth as an individual, is to engage in free learning which helps to challenge and change the way I think.

I’ve pulled together my favourite Ted Talks from some of the leading professionals in their fields – Psychiatrists, Research Professors and Writers.


Click the links to watch the talks and let me know your favourites!


Sarah Joy Ted Talks

1. The Art Of Being Yourself

– with Entrepreneur & Speaker Caroline McHugh


‘With every passing year, your job is to be better and better and being who you are.’


Watch the art of being yourself

2. How A Little Bit Of Yoga Can Help With A Big Healthcare Problem

– with Practitioner Rachael West


‘We now have a lot of research which shows that yoga and a regular practice can infect reduce your pain, including the related symptoms such as fatigue and anxiety.’


Watch how a little bit of yoga can help with a big healthcare problem


3. The Power of Vulnerability

– with Research Professor & Author Brené Brown


‘When we work from a place that says ‘I’m enough’, then we stop screaming and start listening. We’re kinder and gentler to the people around us and we’re kinder and gentler to ourselves.’


Watch the power of vulnerability


Sarah Joy Ted Talks

4. How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me

– with Author A.J Jacobs


‘Joy is so important to your health. Very few behaviours will stick…unless there’s some sense of pleasure and joy in them.’


Watch how healthy living nearly killed me


5. Why 30 is Not the New 20

– with Psychologist Meg Jay


‘Start up, explore, work and make it count….Get some identity capital’


Watch why 30 is not the new 20


6. A Simple Way to Break a Habit

– with Psychiatrist Judson Brewer


‘Mindfulness is just about being interested & getting closer and closer to what is going on in our bodies.’


Watch a simple way to break a habit


Sarah Joy - Ted Talks

7. The Happy Secret to Better Work

– with Psychologist Shawn Achor


’90% of your happiness is not predicted by the external world but by the way our brains process it.’


Watch the happy secret to better work


8. Depression, The Secrets We Share

– with Writer Andrew Solomon


‘Depression is the flaw in love…there is no such thing as love without the anticipation of loss.’


Watch depression, the secrets we share


9. How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

– with Author Nigel Marsh


‘If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you.’


Watch how to make work-life balance work


10. The surprisingly charming science of your gut

– with Doctor & Author Giulia Enders


’90% of the nervous fibres that connect gut and brain deliver information from our gut to our brain…The gut is possibly the most important advisor for the brain.’


Watch the surprisingly charming science of your gut



Food for thought

What things do you want to work on in your life?

What sources of inspiration do you have?

What changes do you want to make given the things you have learnt?

What are your options?

What will you do?


S/Joy x


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