The Joyful Practice is now OPEN

So today marks a very special day. The opening of my own Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practice which has been approaching a year in the making!

If you’ve followed my social channels or my blog for some time, then you’ll know I’ve been studying for two Diplomas and taking on practice clients whilst I learn, develop and grow as a Practitioner. This hasn’t been easy with a full time job but every ounce of energy and time is 100% worth it when it means I can continue to support and help people.


The Joyful Practice is a unique Health and Wellbeing coaching service. It’s philosophy is all about tuning out the noise, tuning in to your own mind and body and finding ways within yourself to create powerful change.


The Practice seeks to support and guide it’s clients in living both intuitively and mindfully. Here are a few areas The Practice specialises in:


Improving relationships with food & exercise

Working towards improved fitness performance

Building self love and body positivity

Relieving stress and anxiety

Boosting self-esteem & confidence

Finding lifestyle balance and living life with intention and purpose


The Joyful Practice provides different packages, each tailored to the individual. Sarah will work with you using both Holistic Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to work towards your desired outcome, whilst challenging any limiting beliefs and ensuring real, long lasting positive change.


The Joyful Practice - Life Coaching

So, what is Life Coaching?

To put it simply, Life Coaching is helping people to understand what they want, what achieving it means and how to get there. The Joyful Practice ensures you take those steps in bridging the gap between where you are, to where you want to be with your health, fitness and/or wellbeing.


And what is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a coaching technique that uses tools based on core psychological principles to help you move forward in your life and access your full potential. Want to make a change to how you feel, your behaviour or your habits but just don’t know how? NLP can help with that.

To provide a little more detail; through exercises, Sarah can help to rewire the way the brain responds to a situation or stimuli to help you build new and better behaviours.

NLP works with your unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is everything that you are aware of in the present moment whilst your unconscious mind is everything that you are not aware of. It is the unconscious mind that determines your thoughts, feelings and reactions/behaviour.

Working with the unconscious mind can help to facilitate change, which gives you increased choice about how you react to a situation. Say for example you no longer want to feel anxious whenever you get up and speak publicly at work, NLP can help you feel better equipped to deal with this situation when it next arises.


The Joyful Practice - Life Coaching


‘The focus of my sessions were initially to work on my self-confidence, to help me move on in my professional life. The impact of my first two sessions were that great I landed a new job!’Anita Brown, New Business Administrator.


Why would I need a Life Coach?

I firmly believe we should all be investing a little more in our minds. In the Health and Wellness field there is undoubtedly SO much noise, which often leaves individuals confused or trapped in a viscous cycle, not knowing what to eat or how to train for example. Often people spend a lot of time and money on quick fix diets and training regimes, without building a better relationship with food and their bodies first. Many people lack confidence, live with un-healthy levels of stress and anxiety and have lost sight of any balance or ownership with their own life.

Life Coaching that offers a non-prescriptive and mindful approach can help to reduce all that noise and empower you to find your own answers through challenging questions that seek to raise self-awareness. It ensures you grab your life with your own hands and get back some of that control.

If you’re fed up of feeling anxious, lost with food, down about your body, your lack of confidence or balance within your life, then it’s time to act and make that first step towards change. Whatever the issue or challenge, change CAN happen.


The Joyful Practice - Life Coaching

I’m not understanding what the difference is between Coaching/NLP and Therapy?

Well, the main basic difference is that coaching focuses on the present and your future, whereas therapy often involves a lot of thinking and talking about the past. I have found on a personal basis that spending too much time looking backwards, fails to offer you the tools in which you need to move forwards.

My initial first session with you (which I talk more about below) is a time in which we both assess if we are right for each other. I am careful in making sure that your health and wellbeing comes first and that coaching is a suitable method before commencing our full sessions.


Well what makes The Joyful Practice different from other coaching?

Life Coaching at The Joyful Practice is all about creating authentic and powerful change with a mindful stance. By covering every aspect of your person through a holistic approach (thinking, feeling, perception and intuition), it recognises you as the complex and unique individual you really are and offers a tailored support service, in a safe and relaxed environment.

Each 1 hour, 1:1 session will leave you with a takeaway action to put in place before the next session and in between, you are free to contact me via e-mail or through my socials. Where applicable, I will ask permission to use a specific tool or exercise that will help you to reach your desired outcome.


‘Sarah’s compassion, patience, expertise and humour guided me through our sessions and ensured that I was making solid steps towards having a healthier balance between life and work.’ – Lucie, Early Years Professional and Author


The Joyful Practice - Life coaching

How will I know if we are the right fit?

Don’t worry, The Joyful Practice offers both a digital Information Pack and 1 x 20 minute initial free session for anyone interested in joining the Practice. In this session we will discuss:


The issues/challenges you face
Where you would like to be
What’s standing in your way
How The Joyful Practice can help you.


This is a relaxed and friendly chat with no commitment required. Spending a little time getting to know each other, will ensure we’re both right for each other. 🙂


I am super happy to launch The Joyful Practice and cannot wait to work with anyone wanting and willing to take the step. If you would like to receive further information and book in for a free session, fill in the form below and I will let you know my availability.

I look forward to hearing from you.

S/Joy x



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