About me


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sarah Joy and I’ve created this blog to help share a message surrounding intuitive, balanced living.


What you will find here:

  • Tips on how to eat intuitively and find peace with food.
  • New ideas on what health and wellness really means today.
  • Flexible training and workout inspiration for all bodies.
  • Suggestions on how to set yourself realistic, achievable goals.
  • Topics and thoughts surrounding mental health, wellness, self care and mindfulness.

What you won’t find here:

  • ‘How to’ or instructional guidelines on how to get the ‘perfect’ abs / body / skin / life. No BS here my friends.
  • Do or don’t restrictions on how to train or eat.
  • Any form of promotion or collaboration which I’m not 100% behind or believe in.
  • A one size fits all approach.


My vision and philosophy

Intuitive, balanced living can work for everyone!

Living a healthy life to me, is more than just eating ‘clean’ and working out ‘X’ times a week. I learnt the hard way that being truly healthy does not come from only eating specific foods or having a body that fits within a particular ideal. 4 years ago I was treated as an outpatient after being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and anorexia nervosa. Medication and therapy certainly helped in the initial stages and were integral to getting me in a better headspace. However, since discharging myself I’ve continued to build upon day to day tools and practices, which I can always fall back on in times of need and to which I hope to share through this blog.


To me, living a balanced healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Eating that pizza and popcorn with your pals on the weekend.
  • Ditching that afternoon workout sometimes because your mind (and body) is telling you ‘no.’
  • Partying hard or doing the opposite and spending time on your own.

it also includes:

  • Eating plenty of foods throughout the week that nourish and fuel your body.
  • Pushing and challenging your body so that you reach any realistic goals you’ve set.
  • Spending time doing things for you through actions of self care.


There are many factors that create a healthy and happy lifestyle and for every person this will look different. I’ve been influenced along the way by a one sided vision of health and wellness but hope to contribute a broader perspective on what living well really looks like today.


Please don’t take my word as the gospel truth!

What I share with you comes from both my personal experience, alongside my professional experience as a support coach for a health and fitness company – I am not a registered dietician or clinical psychologist. You do you and always remember to ask for help from the pros if you need it!


S/Joy x


All work & artwork Copyright © 2017 Sarah Joy