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‘The Joyful Practice has been lucky to work with some amazing clients, all of whom have been dedicated and passionate about creating positive change in their life. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience working with Sarah.



‘The focus of my sessions were initially to work on my self-confidence to help me move on in my professional life. The impact of my first two sessions were that great I landed a new job!’

Anita Brown – New Business Administrator



‘Sarah supported in trying new methods to address my problem, rather than hiding from it and with this I have now completed several key meetings with a new found sense of ambition and confidence.

I have now started a new job, where my interaction with the senior leadership team is almost daily, the new way of thinking has made my first week the best I could have hoped for, it has even been met with a comment, ‘you’ve developed so much more in confidence since we last worked together’, a sentence that I owe to Sarah’s Life Coaching sessions.

My only regret is not doing this years ago.’

Robert Head, Hotel General Manager



‘My experience of Life Coaching with Sarah has been incredible. I was a little skeptical to begin with as my life is just so incredibly busy, I was unsure I would find any solutions that worked – how wrong I was!

Sarah’s compassion, patience, expertise and humour guided me through our sessions and ensured that I was making solid steps towards having a healthier balance between life and work.’

Lucie Wheeler, Author & Early Years Professional



‘Managing my time more effectively has been so beneficial, I’ve been able to do everything I wanted but also get to spend quality time with family and friends which seemed to be missing from my busy schedule.

Sarah has helped me find balance in my life to be able to do everything.’

Laura O’Toole – Assistant Team Manager



‘The sessions with Sarah have been very beneficial. They have enabled me to think more clearly about my anxiety and body image issues by discussing them and making small achievable goals for myself.’

Marie-Louise – Counsellor



‘I’m looking to better my future not just for me but for others around and whoever I pass along the way in the future. Sarah has a great way of unlocking answers I didn’t realise I had.’

Tyson Brealey – Carpenter, Nutrition Coach & PT



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